Hi. My name is Jorge Silva. I’m a full-stack developer primarily working in JavaScript. I live in San Francisco, CA.

I started teaching myself programming about 5 years ago and have never looked back. Every year I add a couple of new technologies to my belt. I simply love all parts of development: architecture, optimization, testing, and especially debugging! This passions spills over into personal projects, a lot of reading, and lengthy discussions about why TDD is so important.

From DevOps to CSS, I take great pride in knowing all parts of the stack. I love Docker and how easy it makes deploying any type of project. Having a background in design, I also pay very close attention making sure the UI is pristine. But ultimately, I feel at home when writing papafied Angular controller or writing clean, modular API routes in Node.js.

I’m a recent grand of Hack Reactor. Before that, I graduated with a Masters in Fine Art from Virginia Commonwealth University, one of the top arts schools in country. Before that, I studied Psychology at the University of Puerto Rico.

Specialties: JavaScript ∙ HTML/ CSS ∙ Node/Express ∙ Angular.js ∙ Backbone ∙ jQuery ∙ Python ∙ Django ∙ WordPress ∙ PHP ∙ Git ∙ Gulp ∙ MongoDB ∙ MySQL ∙ Test Driven Development

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