JSJ Gallery Slideshow is a  Wordpress plugin that substitutes the default gallery an turns into a much nicer slideshow. It does this completely automatically (really, it’s that easy!). You only have to install the plugin and all your slideshows will be automatically converted to something like this.

You can change almost all the options allowed by Jquery Cycle (it’s based on this Jquery plugin) such as: transition time, transition effect, timeout between transition (or no timeout), slide class, …etc.

This plugin is inspired by Cargo Collective’s slideshow feature and uses Jquery Cycle and Jquery Easing as the basis for the plugin.

List of available options:

  • Active Pager Class – Class name used for the active pager element. No Spaces.
  • Auto Stop – True to end slideshow after X transitions (where X == slide count.
  • Auto Stop Count – number of transitions (optionally used with autostop to define X.
  • Start Backwards – true to start slideshow at last slide and move backwards through the stac.
  • Clear Type No Background – Set to true to disable extra cleartype fixing (leave false to force background color setting on slides.
  • Container Resize – Resize container to fit largest slide. 0:False / 1: Tru.
  • Delay – Additional delay (in ms) for first transition (hint: can be negative).
  • FastOn Event – Force fast transitions when triggered manually (via pager or prev/next); value == time in ms.
  • Fit Slides – Force slides to fit container.
  • Transition Effect – Name of transition effect.
  • Slide Height – Container height (if the ‘fit’ option is true, the slides will be set to this height as well).
  • Manual Trump – Causes manual transition to stop an active transition instead of being ignored.
  • Data Attribute – data-attribute that holds the option data for the slideshow.
  • No Wrapping – True(1) to prevent slideshow from wrapping.
  • Pause Slidehow – True(1) to enable “pause on hover”.
  • Pause On Pager Hover – True(1) to pause when hovering over pager link.
  • Random Slides – True(1) for random, false for sequence (not applicable to shuffle fx).
  • Requeue OnImageNotLoaded – Requeue the slideshow if any image slides are not yet loaded .
  • Requeue Timeout – Ms delay for requeue.
  • Reverse Animation – Causes animations to transition in reverse (for effects that support it such as scrollHorz/scrollVert/shuffle).
  • Slide Resize – Force slide width/height to fixed size before every transition).
  • Speed – speed of the transition (any valid fx speed value).
  • Starting Slide # – Zero-based index of the first slide to be displayed.
  • Synchronize Slides – True if in/out transitions should occur simultaneously.
  • Transition Time – Milliseconds between slide transitions (0 to disable auto advance).
  • Width – Container width (if the ‘fit’ option is true, the slides will be set to this width as well).


  1. Upload the entire jsjGallerySlideshow folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress. At that moment, all your slideshows will be automatically converted into JSJ gallery / slideshows.
  3. Optional: If you want to change any of the options for the plugin, go to Settings -> JSJ · Gallery & Slideshow.


If you have any questions, email me at jorge dot silva at thejsj dot com. This plugin is spanking new, so it’s bound to have some bugs. I’d be happy to fix them!

Some Examples:




Options Page:

JSJ · Gallery & Slideshow Options ‹ N! Possible Routes — WordPress(1)


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