The last couple of months, I have been constantly looking for stories, looking for things with their own narratives, with meaning. Walking down the street the other day, I found a planner. In it, an unknown stranger had written down her whole life. Dinners, doctor’s appointments, camping trips, meetings. Initially, I thought I would  try to return it back and took it to my studio, but very quickly I figured out that the best chance for this person to find this planner would be for me to leave where I found out. I quickly went to my studio and scanned every single page in it. Half of the months on the planner were clipped. On one of those pages was the phrase “7 weeks w/o meds”, which I decided to use as my title, because of what I thought it said about the owner of this planner. The rest, I decided to keep between the planner and its owner. I went back and put it where I found it. If its owner ever found it, I will never know.

The book is a reframing of these findings. As the author, I present these pages to the reader for/her to make his/her own conclusions and stories. Rather than providing one single story, I try to provide as many as possible in which you are able to meet the character of my story through reading the pages of this book, but my own narrative is never imposed on the reader. him

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