This is an abstract for a paper I will present in the ICDHS 2012 conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It is basically about the use of programing in graphic design as an alternative methodology.


Title: Design through the loop: Creating through programing in the field of graphic design

Keywords: graphic design, programming, computation, dynamic design, new media, digital design, digital aesthetics

Abstract: The digital sphere has granted us the greatest computational power ever known to the human race. Yet, in the field of graphic design the computer is used merely as a tool of visual reproduction, where what was formerly done with the pencil is now done with the mouse. A new generation of hybrid designers bridge the gap between design and programming, incorporating the vast computational power of the digital realm as a new tool. This paper deals with the issue of design through the creation of software and the changing nature of aesthetics in the information age. Examples of historical and contemporary practices in which visual form and code are at the core of the design process are examined. Particular importance is given to dynamic design, overcoming the traditional character of graphic design.

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