Here is the latest copy of my abstract with some recent corrections and additions.


The relationship between content and forn is intrinsic to the practice of graphic design. “Good” graphic design is judged with respect to the successful and innovative connection between content and form. Yet, the advent of the digital realm has dramatically increased the distance that traditionally existed between these two. Today, graphic design is mainly consumed through templates of design, in which content has a much more tenuous relation to form.

I wish to study what new possibilities exist in the relationship between content and form in the digital realm. I am particularly interested in the notion of system and rules in the practice of graphic design. Templates, for example, are design systems with rules that are simply too strict. I am interested in investigating new ideas of what visual rules mean and finding innovative ways of utilizing them.

I propose that the next step in the exploration of the design systems lies in the notion of open rules and in systems that a very personal expression of the designer that created them. The overcoming of the template lies in the idea that the system should not be invisible. Systems should be alive, opinionated and original.

I am studying

the relationship between content and form within design systems,


systems, in particular those that rely on ‘templates’, have become the most prevalent form of computer-mediated design, yet, for the most part, they genererate a bland information landscape,

In order to

to make the practice of graphic design more relevant to the Information Age and make it more useful and prevalent to a world with incresingly more information.


Abstract – March 31

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