Thinking of my video ‘Walking, Walking, Walking’, I decided to make a video in which the results weren’t as predefined.

For every frame of the video, for every picture I took during that walk, a script would randomly decide what type of information (regarding that image) would be shown. The alternatives were:

  • The final image (the image I actually took)
  • The filename
  • The time it was taken
  • The GPS position
  • The position along the trajectory (with map)
  • the position along the trajectory (with the trajectory drawn)
  • The count/# of the frame in relation to the number of images

Through the video, the viewer is able to grasp the experience of my walk (or not grasp it) in differente ways.

Walking Walking Walking: Database from Jorge Silva-Jetter on Vimeo.

I consider this video a failure because, even do I did what I set out to do, what I’m aiming for is to create something meaningful and narrative out of these videos. This video (at least to ‘Walking, Walking, Walking’), impedes the process by which we create a narrative.

At the same time, I do find it interesting that the video accentuates the fact that this is a database of events and shows itself in that manner.

Minor details that could be fixed… Remove the Map from the possible alternatives, remove the frame from the trajectory, middle-align the text, make the text bigger

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