The information age has brought upon new challenges to the idea of originality. The individual genius has disappeared and a new paradigm of creation has replaced it. Creation is the 21st Century is made through copying, transforming and combining old ideas. The field of design is no exception.

This course will tackle a new form of creation with the idea of the designer as editor. The designer is the one who successfully chooses and dismisses, not the one who creates out of nothing. The course will introduce students to new ways of incorporating these ideas into there processes in a multi-medium course.

Course Objectives

To investigate the possibility of creating visual work through the copying, transforming and combining the works of other designers in conjunction with an examination of the different types of copying.

To develop new methodologies and processes that incorporate the integration of other’s work with the work of the student.

To study the theoretical implications of the different types of copying in the field of graphic design.

To examine the ethical component of copying, trying to draw the thin line between ‘influence’ and fraud.


This course will be structured through the different categories/methodologies of “copying” (some current possibilities are repetition, appropriation, emulation, replication). Each section will have an introductory lecture with an accompanying project. An approximate 1 to 2 weeks will be give for every project with a culminating final project.

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