Dear Czesław,

I have read your poem and I can only say I couldn’t agree more. I also ask myself if Heaven and Hell have vanished forever. I have always thought that I’d rather burn in the tormenting but suitable quarters of hell than to renounce myself to dispassionate Nothingness. While I also weep at this great loss, I usually suspect that is our destiny.

I wonder who could we implore about its return to us. Does God have a “returns department”, a 1-800 number? More importantly, I wonder how we lost it. It seem to me that this has all been a consequence of the adventures of thoughts. We have made thinking a dangerous undertaking. I could never blame our kind for carrying through on the capacity given to us by God.

Yet, sitting here, in this beautiful cathedral, I begin to doubt myself. Maybe, we haven’t lost that second space. It seems impossible that a world without it can coexist with the individuals who built this church. I can only think that the existence of the second space is the only thing permitting this one. This place makes me questions your poem, Czesław. I bet you didn’t write that poem in a cathedral like this one.

Most people think you can speak to God through prayer. I think this space can hold a much more deeper conversation.

* Nothingness and God are both capitalized, based on the probability of their mutual exclusion.

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