Ongoing: Visualizing Random

For a Data visualization project, I decided to take on the challenge of visualizing random binary patterns. The interesting part about randomness is that not all 'random' is created equal. There are different types of randomness and some things can be more random than others. Through visualizing the relationships of  the binary, we can easily see, for example how humans are very bad at creating randomness. Humans tend to change a lot the order of random, alternating the numbers used a lot.   In this graph the relationship can be seen between different types of randomness.. The first two are computer generated(Excel and PHP) while the third is generated by a human. As you can see, the third shows a lot more of repetition of change than the others. In this graph, every 0 and 1 draws a line, either to itself or two the other side, depending on the next integer. What's intersting about all this, is the possibilty of having a visualization of something so monotonous (as binary code) and being able to immediately see the patterns and differences in them through the visual realm.

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