Currently I am exploring the notion of systems in graphic design and this poster does exactly that. I intended to explore the idea of creating a visual system in which the content is divorced from design. YES! Design blasphemy you might say, but I do think that the notion is worth exploring… for better or for worse. I do think design is better when tied to content, but in the sphere of lighting fast information sometimes we can’t afford that luxury.

These are variations produced by the system. While these may seem like many, they are only a selection of exports I made. I hunted for this poster among many, many, many, many iterations. The job of design in the digital world becomes as much editing and curating as anything else, even if you design the system yourself. The interesting part of this system is that it is open and flexible. It doesn’t do the design for you. Rather it forces you to make decisions about which ones will eventually end up being THE poster, which in my opinion is very different.

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