This composition was created using 190 images taken from the observation deck of the Richmond City Hall.

For every window, 3 pictures were taken: 1 of the horizon, one middle picture, and one last one as far down as possible.

The pictures were later arranged starting with the horizon images, followed by the middle images.

If you notice, you can see the sun setting at the left of the image, meaning that this was the west of the camera. The sun may rise in the east, but it settles in a finer location.

In a way, you can see the whole world from this image, based on the fact that you can see everything from one single vantage point, including the horizon.

The piece, more than anything, is a result of a set of very specific instructions, a specific methodology, I set onto myself.

( Please, please, please!!! See this Full-Size and Zoom into the Image!! )


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