When thinking about spaces we, for some strange reason, seem to give a slight preference, reverence and esteem to places that try to make themselves unique. The monument, the special house built by the architect, the place where a certain individual grew up…

Right now I find myself in a space that was designed precisely not to stand out. The only thing unique about is the fact that it is the only thing standing at -23.548381,-46.643053 at about 80 feet up in the air. It is the only thing that occupies this space in the universe. This room has a standard queen bed, a television set, a vertical mirror, two small (but not particularly small) chairs, a small desk, and the unmistakable pair of night stands at both sides of the bed. The colors are a mix of whites, pale greens, and soft reds, but mostly soft champagne and peach. All personalized decoration has been removed from the walls. No pictures, no paintings, and especially no quirky gnomes standing on the windows! Yes, my hotel room was designed precisely to avoid, at all costs, standing out.

Then, Why do I adore hotel rooms so much? Is it because I feel I’m also a boring, un-unique, peach colored, gnome hating individual. Is it because, on the contrary, I comfort myself at the sight of something so boring and bland that I’m able to feel that I’m slightly more unique, more special, more original? Is it because I love sleeping in blatantly oversized beds? Is peach my actual and true favorite color?

Maybe, just maybe, it’s the fact that this specific room is really no diffe- rent that any other hotel room. It is, in a way, the same hotel room I have always visited. This hotel room, located at -23.548381 -46.643053, is the same hotel room located at 37.229711 -80.430241, and at 18.236436 -67.161559. The same furniture, the same colors, the same feel, and the same size. Only with some slight renovation. I feel comfort in this repetition. It’s good to be back at my hotel room.

Paper #1 – My Hotel Room – Jorge Silva-Jetter

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