This is a link to a new project i’m working on.

The concept for the project is to make an interactive timeline in which the navigations is seamless and intuitive in the most simple way. To accomplish this, you navigate the timeline through the position of your mouse. If you move your mouse, the timeline scrolls along with you. The interface responds immediately to any move of the mouse.

The intent, again, is to make something in which the interface is very much aligned with the content, and in which the a lot of information can be seamlessly and easily accessed, without the need to learning the interface or in a way in which the interface can be immediately learned by only giving a few instructions. Also, the idea of an interface that is very responsive to the user is in play here. Typically, in an interface, a user must dictate specific commands for an action to take place. This does not work well for vast amount of information. Why not make an interface that challenges the idea of the button? Why not make an interface that can be learned by the simple movement of the mouse?

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