Today, I found my statement of intent for graduate school. It was interesting to see how, almost by accident, my interests are very similar to how they were more than a year ago. Most of the things I say here are still very relevant to my work, even do some things have changed.

Please review your interest areas and describe what you want to do with your degree:

My intention to attend graduate school might be one of the greatest challenges I have brought upon myself. More than anything, I aspire to better myself and to take all that I do to the next level. As a Psychology major it is a bit unusual to be applying to a design program. But at the same time, I know that it is a decision and a desire that comes out the sheer love and passion for design. This passion has lead me to the conclusion that what I know is not enough and that the environment by which I surround myself is crucial to my own self-improvement. Graduate studies are for me the best way to immerse myself in the environment that will prosper my own development as a designer. My journey through it will be as important as its end result.

In the field of graphic design, I am mostly interested in new media, particularly web design. This is the area in which I have the most experience, working in a web design firm for quite some time, taking projects of my own, absorbing some of the design theory behind the web and learning several of the programming languages needed for it. But my ambitions aim higher than all this and the current state of this field gives us the opportunity to elevate it. My intention is not merely to make “pretty things” nor to make something functional. I intend to transcend the merely functional and the merely aesthetic and take the opportunity that the web gives itself to be designed.

My interest in this area is based on several different elements of the field. First, the availability and the importance of these mediums have become unquestionable. Trough out its history, graphic design has always tried to reach to wider audience than some if its related fields, like art. The web, once again, gives graphic design the opportunity to reach an ever increasing and captive audience. Second, the possibilities for these channels have not been properly explored by the field of graphic design. Graphic design still has a great potential to contribute to the production and development of new media. Through the web once sees how graphic designers and non–designers are still using many of the same rules and styles. Even do there has been some innovation in the field, the visual richness of the web cannot be compared with other areas of the graphic design field, like print and branding. Finally, my interest in this area is also based on the fact that, in this type of channel, its design must outlive its creation. Typically, work done in graphic design is static. A design doesn’t change much after it has been ‘touched’ by the designer. In the web everything is eternal beta. The designer must incorporate the flow of content and changes in functionality and design contemplating the irrevocable fact that changes will occur after something has been designed. Designing for the web is taking into consideration the future, and incorporate as a principal demand of the design process.

With my degree, I intend to keep working in the field of web design and new media. That is where the future leads us. My intention is to bring the knowledge and developments of graphic design into these fields, which in my opinion has not been done properly, or at least can be taken extensively further. I strongly believe in the value of excellent work and I aspire to realize that in everything I do. I aspire to design innovative experiences for the web.

Immediately after I have my degree, my only wish is to gain experience. I do not yet posses the arrogance to proclaim that I will be sufficiently able to do what I aspire to do. Rather, I would like to keep learning from others. I would like to work in places (call them agencies, companies, studios, design firms) where I believe marvelous things are being created by the most dedicated and ambitious people in the field. I wish to continue the learning process from my graduate studies and take them into the realm of the professional to immerse myself in the field.

Eventually, I want to start and run my own agency dedicated to the idea of designing for the new media with innovative projects of the highest quality. I would like to have a very small agency, giving me the time and energy to keep designing without being too overwhelmed by the more pragmatic side of having an agency. Trough my experience in the field, I have learned that it is not the monetary results of a project that bring satisfaction. The satisfaction of working in this field comes from taking on projects of the highest quality, overseeing every minor detail, and producing work that is truly creative and able to innovate upon its precedents. Behind all this is the humble intention of changing the world.  It might not seem like much, but my experience has showed me that, rather than ambition, it is dedication and attention to detail that truly changes the world.  As Mies Van der Rohe famously said “God is in the detail”. The biggest things in life are not achieved by the big dreamers. The world is changed by the people who dedicate every single second of their lives to something and gain the necessary experience and understanding to find the right ways to execute what they imagine. I believe I have the will and the abilities to accomplish this.

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