This paper is the proposal for the Final Presentation on my Graduate Semintar, here at VCU.

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“The thing with Processing is that it looks like Processing” “The Thing with ________ is that it looks like ________”

I heard this quote the other day at our seminar class from one of our classmates. That stuck me. Is there something wrong with something looking like something. After some thought, I developed my own MAD LIPS statement to excercise my own thoughts. “The thing with _________ (insert art form here) is that it looks like __________ (insert art form here)”. “The thing with painting is that it looks like painting”. “The thing with bronze is that is looks like bronze”. “The thing with letterpress is that it looks like letterpress”. “The thing with guitars is that it sounds like guitars”. Yet, we don’t see painters running for their lives, Picasso tumbling on his grave, or Rodin being forgotten as a great sculptor. Artists ow a lot to their tools and they have a deep relation to them. Many great artists emerge from the superb understanding and skill they acquire with their tools and this is something not to be frowned upon. For this work I want to explore the relationship between the artist and his tools and his medium. How should we view this relationship?

Color as a tool, Color as a Medium

For this work, I also want to explore the subject of color within this theoretical framework and within these questions. Is color a medium or a tool? What is the relationship between the tool and the medium? How have different views of color as tool/medium affected the work of artists in different fields?

From Tool to Medium: The Computer

Another field of interest for me is the changing role of the computer from tool to medium. Many present day artists work exclusively on the computer and what is produced with it is the end in itself, rather than being a tool to facilitate manual work. What exactly do we mean by saying that the computer is a medium rather than a tool? What changes caused this? Is this even appropriate to say?




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