Difference and Repetition Reader · Giles Deleuze & Difference and Repetition: A Reader’s Guide · Joe Hughes

Through the work of Deleuze, I with to explore, from a metaphysical viewpoint, what it really means to be “different”. Deleuze’s idea that identity is only a secondary quality, following difference drastically changes the scope of my thesis ideas. One of the main ideas behind my thesis is the problem of uniqueness in the Information Age, and Deleuze’s ideas might shed some light on questioning what is uniqueness in the first place.

Programming Collective Intelligence: Building Smart Web 2.0 Applications ·Toby Segaran

Having read parts of this book before, I wish to further understand some of the methods and ideas proposed in it. The book deals with ways in which programming is able to extract meaningful information out of immense data sets. I see my thesis as a design equivalent of sorts, meant to questions how design can do similar things. I also wish to incorporate some of the technical aspects dealt in this book into my own projects.

Information Anxiety · Richard Saul Wurman

Having read part of this book, I find Wurman’s ideas very relevant to my own work. Wurman deals with the problem of too much information and deals with different ways to approach this problem. My thesis deals with a similar problem, mainly, the issue of uniqueness within ‘information overload’. Wurman’s theories will be helpful in trying to explore alternative ways of visually exploring this problem.

The Information: A History, A Theory, A Flood · James Gleick

The reason why I wish to include this book is because of its many historical references to the history of Information Theory. Including great scientists like Claude Shannon and many other previous precedents to Information Theory, I feel that this understanding the history of information and Information Theory might help me gain a deeper historical perspective of the Information Age that will help inform my visual work.

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