As a way to represent West Franklin Street in Richmond,VA, I (along with Ru Zheng) decided to take multiple videos/sounds of the street. In a way, creating a database of the street.

Subsequently, we created a ‘soundtrack’ to the street, visualizing the street through the collected sounds.

After the sound as established, we made the video based on the sounds of the street, but in a way that was reminiscent of the way in which we collected these videos, approaching more as a database of sounds and images.

W. F. S. from Jorge Silva-Jetter on Vimeo.

Through this video, I wanted to try to experience the space through a database. Using rules through which I interacted with the data and in which it was these rules that ‘said’ something about the street in conjunction with the data. Yet, it wasn’t the rules in themselves that created the narrative/meaning of the piece. Meaning emerges from the piece.

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