Conversations with a Robot?

So a few days ago, a person I didn't know added me on gchat. Here's the conversation: Naturally, at that point, I did what any normal person would do: Turn on my webcam... Just kidding. After immediately deleting poor Virginia from my gchat I realized something. Virginia was probably a computer. I was probably talking to some server. After that, I got really depressed because I didn't test out the program, see how smart it was, see what it would respond back. And today... a miracle happened: When she said the "bot???" I started to think that maybe she wasn't a computer. She responded to my questions. She's real! ... what a disappointment. The spam comment was pretty hilarious and pretty smart, but it was all downhill form there... At this point, anyone would be pretty convinced. I'm ashamed it took me so long. She never responded back... Maybe someday Juliet will talk to me again....

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