Installation created as part of my MFA exhibition.


The exhibition consisted of three computers. The first one shows the videos in the database in random order. The second one is interactive, meant for users to choose which videos to watch. The third one is a recording station, meant for users to record their own videos. When users record their videos, these automatically shows up in the first computer and are added to the list of videos being displayed on the second computer. In this way, users can interact with the installation and add to the project their own content to the project.


The software behind the exhibition has several components. The first component is a Max interface that lets users record video. The second component is a Python script that detects newly creates videos, converts them (using ffmpeg), makes a thumbnail and creates a JSON file. The third component is an HTML5, Javascript, Ajax, PHP component that checks every second to see if the JSON file has been modified and if it has been modified it adds a video object to a javascript array and automatically plays that video. The animations are done with Jquery, using some basic object classes. The videos are .mp4 played with Html 5’s video tag. Using some of Js’s bindings for html5 video, I was able to incorporate some error handling into the script, so that failed videos could be stopped and removed. You can check out the code in Github.

This are some screenshots about the interactive part of the installation. Videos hover across the screen as to not impose a specific hierarchy.


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