Click On Jorge is a personal project I worked on back in November 2013 to experiment with making my own HTML5 game.

What is it? How does it work?


Click On Jorge is game built for the browser. When users login, they are presented with a grid of blocks with my beautiful face. One of the blocks is highlighted. The purpose of the game is to click on the highlighted block as many times as possible, in order to get points.

Users can set the number of blocks and the speed in order to increase the number of points per click.


The app includes a high scores page with all the scores of all the games ever played (about 1,000 at this point).


Technology (for curious developers)

The game was built entirely on top of HTML5 Canvas. The application makes have use of object-oriented Javascript to handle different parts of the functionality, such as the game score ant time, canvas interaction, html interaction and sound. All these different objects communicate through an event-driven object which orchestrates all the different parts of the application.

While mostly just vanilla javascript, the app makes use of javascript libraries like jQuery, Modernizr, and Timbre.js. The backend is (for better of for worse) written in WordPress.

Why is your face all over it?

It’s kinda weird right?

Curiously, an earlier version of this game didn’t have any of this. In fact, the original idea for this game was for it to be called “ShareShare” and users would click on Facebook share buttons and only see their score through a Facebook sharing screen. I guess that was meant mostly as a way to hack a way for users to share the game itself. Yet, after a while, I found that idea to be less and less interesting.

Having made posters and web experiments with this weird alter-ego of myself, I was interested in the idea of making a game about me (or at least about a person who physically resembles me). Instead of clicking yet another web-2.0-looking button, they would click on my face to get points. As a creator of things for the web, I was interested in how impersonal the web can be. People continually post and publish about themselves in the web, but the rarely make things about themselves for the web. They write about themselves but they don’t code about themselves.

I see this project as the selfie-game. Instead of directing all my narcism and need for attention towards taking photos of myself and applying some faux filter, I use that energy towards coding a game in which people click on my face. The motivation is similar, but the result is a bit different. Perhaps, narcism is only a problem if you don’t know how to turn it into something else.

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