Monument to the Roma from Jorge Silva-Jetter on Vimeo.

For my monument, I wish to question the nature of the monument. A monument is a space designed for remembering. It is always permanent. The monument is part of the sedentary nature of human beings. Yet, what happens when we must make a monument for nomads? What happens when we must make a monument for a people that are transparent?

We must build a monument that destroys itself.

I intend to build a monument grand in scale made of wax. My giant piece of wax will move, just as the Roma did for thousands of years. Inscribed into my monument will be the words “A Monument to the Roma, A people in movement”.

Unfortunately, merely by accident, my giant piece of was will grow a wick, turning this endearing monument into a more common object, a candle; A candle made monumental by it’s scale. More unfortunate is the possibly that this beautiful and simple monument might be mysteriously lit.

This project was realized as part of my graduate workshop, in Spring 2012. The goal of the project was to study, understand and immerse yourself in a specific culture. I chose the Roma, also know as Gypsies because of my long fascination with their culture, music and way of life.

One of the goals of this project was to build a monument to this culture. I created a nomadic monument, a monument that would destroy itself and through this process question the nature of the monument as a creation of cultures tied to a specific place, but possibly alien to a nomadic culture such as the Roma, spread through out the world.

Through this project, I ventured the treacherous waters of the moving image, sculpture and plural participation.

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