Update #2:

None of these methods work. Just follow this tutorial.


I now created a google extension that is much easier and user friendly. Just install it and never worry about it ever again. It’s that simple.


Want to read New York Times articles for free? As many as you want?


JSJ’s NYClean


( Just drag and drop the link into your bookmarks and click on it every time you’re in an article)

After a few days of tinkering around with a New York Time’s fee wall, bookmarklets, urls and a little javascript I was able to figure out a way out of the pay wall in a way that’s clean and efficient. This bookmarklet simply refreshes your page to remove the wall through hampering with your url a little. You will view the page as is it was meant to be seen without adding or removing anything else.

Thanks to Eurica! for the inspiration!

Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!