Contemporary times have brought upon may technological and cultural developments that have strongly affected the practice of Graphic Design. In this post I would like to discuss how two very important ones will contribute to the development of one perhaps the biggest development in the field of graphic design: personalized corporate identities.

These two developments are 1. The ability of computers and programming languages to create (thru programming and not through human interaction) visuals images based on certain parameters. It is very simple for example to program a script to choose any color in RGB completely randomly, or based on certain parameters. <?php echo dechex(mt_rand(0,255));?>. This principle now applies also to web techonlogy, with the advent of CSS Animations and Processing (with Flash Techonlogy).

The other cultural development, brought also because of the increasing techonology, is the substantial increase in personalization. In contemporary societies the ability to personalize the world around you is almost infinite. You can personalize all sorts of techonological devices ( cell phones, personal computers, tablet PC’s), computer programs to fit your needs, and even Google can be personalized to your language and your choice of backgrounds. This is not only true in technology, but also in fashion, preference of food, furniture, automobile decisions, real estate choices… Our contemporary society dictates that you must not just have any car, but a car that is “you”. You should not have just any clothing, you should wear something that is “really you”. Groceries and dining choices have also risen so much in variety that even your choice of food is supposed to somehow reflect your personality. It’s no coincidence that overpriced coffee chains call you by ‘your name’ (instead of just a number, which is substantially more practical).

The funny part about the individualization of society is that companies are thinking of all the possible ways to profit from this. This more personalized and individual approach is part of why companies spend millions of dollars in Social Media. Customers like that companies pay the ‘special’ attention, through the power of the internet. As companies look for more and more ways to ‘personalize’ consumption, graphic design will eventually lead the way to Personalized Corporate Identities. Which is the adaptation of a the corporate identity for the individual, through a certain amount of rules (which will proably be dictated by an algorithm). This way for example, a company can adapt their own identity depending on your name, your city, your birthrate, your favorite color.

On the next post i will talk about the implications in visual language that this will have and some examples on how this might be done. I also intend to explain how this movement is already happening, through some visual identities that have been created recently.



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