After a long time strolling around the internet, I finally closed my computer. Obviously  I couldn’t shut it down. That would have been too drastic. Still breathing, the computer stares back at met with that  solid, stern, cold look. I think I have made it upset.

I have notice how profound my relationship is to this machine. I spend time with it every day and I’m constantly drawn towards it. If I didn’t watch so much Netflix, maybe I’d have more friends. If I wouldn’t spend so much time reading blogs, perhaps I’d do more interesting stuff with my life. Suddenly, my pessimistic side rises up and I go back to doing whatever I was doing, content with dreams of alternate lives that I could live, if only I wasn’t so addicted to this machine.

“Toshiba, I see you as a friend… I think we should see other people. ” I was the hardest break up I had ever been through. For a while, I didn’t know what to do with myself. After only a couple of days, I called her up again. “Hey Toshiba, what’s up? What have you been up to? “. We talk for a while. I did most of the talking. She’s a little quiet usually. I knew I couldn’t live without her. I am too fragile.

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